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1964-1978The first generation Mustang were produced from 1964 ˝ to 1973. Now known as “The Classic Mustang,” these cars are best remembered for legendary performance models and a wide range of engine choices. From a 170 cubic inch I6 outputting 105 hp, to a massive 375 horsepower 429 cubic inch Super Cobra Jet, Mustang offered an engine for every level of muscle car enthusiast.

Each year that followed, Mustangs grew bigger and more powerful. For example, The Shelby GT350 when released in 1965 featured a high performance 289 cubic inch small block with an amazing output of 306 horsepower. And the Shelby GT500 in 1967 boasted the larger 428 cubic inch v-8 with a powerful 425 horsepower. These models were followed up by the Mach 1, Boss 302, Boss 351 and Boss 429, all released in 1969. Each was a unique version of the Mustang and was each an instant classic!

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