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BrakesUpgrading your 2007-2009 Mustang Shelby brakes can affect the safety, comfort and handling, and performance of your car in more ways than almost any other high performance parts you can add.

In terms of safety, when your Mustang is running at top speeds, you need a reliable braking system to ensure you can slow down or stop as quick as your reflexes.

High performance Mustang brakes also improve comfort and handling because they allow you to regulate speed and make nuanced adjustments to velocity as you corner or pass.

Finally, having brakes designed for top performance means you can unleash the power knowing that even at top acceleration, you’ll always be in control of your speed and deceleration when necessary.

But performance is just the beginning of the story. The quality of brakes from top manufacturers like Wilwood, Stop-Tech, EBC and others means your brakes will continue performing mile after mile, so you can make fewer pit stops for repairs and replacements.

You’ll find a big selection of brake parts and accessories right here, so shopping is easy. Plus, we guarantee every part and even offer free, live technical support.

So give your 2007-2009 Mustang Shelby brakes that let you run fast, stop quick and last… mile after mile.